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The All Our Families Cohort

Dr. Suzanne Tough, Principal Investigator,
All Our Families Study

         Welcome to the All Our Families website! On behalf of the research team, we are delighted that you have found some time to explore our interesting work in mental health, child behavior and children’s growth and development. We are grateful to the over 3000 families who have, and continue to, participate in our research program so that we can better understand the issues that families are facing in contemporary society.

       As you browse our pages take a look at the new information we are discovering about how important using your community services are, like the library and playground. We are better understanding how families create healthy environments when things are difficult. We are learning how we can better identify families who would benefit from more services to help their children grow and thrive.

       We have a commitment to training and learning in our team and you will see this if you look at the people who are currently interested in topics ranging from-social support, maternal anxiety, paternal involvement, work patterns, child care, breastfeeding, learning to talk, developing ‘self regulation’ (i.e. the ability to calm yourself down, or wait your turn), and motor skills. We are asking questions to better understand how families engage with technology, meal times, recreation and friendship. We are particularly excited to have just released our 8-year survey which has had input from teachers, parents, researchers and community organizations. This exciting time of life for children and families is sometimes known as the ‘golden years’ where parents and children are spending time together in recreation, learning and family events. We know that the past couple of years have brought big changes to our economy and we will be using some of the information you share with us to better understand how children and families cope – and what makes us resilient.

Latest News

Big wins at Owerko Conference 2017

Erin Hetherington (fourth from left) and Nicole Racine (second from right) accept their Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow (respectively) Poster Awards at the Owerko Centre Conference 2017.

All Our Families is proud to extend congratulations to our team members Erin Hetherington and Nicole Racine. They were awarded top honours for their poster presentations at the recent Owerko Centre Conference 2017. 

Our research and success would not be possible without the dedication of our participants and we extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone who has participated. Thank you!