About our Cohort


The All Our Families (formerly All Our Babies) cohort is a longitudinal pregnancy cohort that enables the investigation of the relationships between parental well-being and outcomes for children and families. This cohort also provides us with contemporary information about children growing up in an urban setting. All Our Families participants have provided information about mental health, lifestyle, neighborhood, pregnancy, parenting, child development, family life, recreation, screen time, sleep and use of services. This information will help us identify how what happens early can influence later health and development outcomes for children and families.

The All Our Families cohort began in 2008 with the recruitment of 3,200 Alberta mother-baby pairs. Mothers were recruited before they were 25-weeks of gestation and were eligible if they were undergoing prenatal care for a singleton pregnancy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since recruitment, our dedicated participants have completed two questionnaires during pregnancy and when their children were 4 months, 1, 2, 3 and 5 years of age. In addition to the questionnaire data, 1,800 of our mothers also provided biologic samples and cord blood.

When we compare the characteristics of women recruited into the All Our Families study, we find they are similar to other women having children in a large urban centre in Canada except they had family incomes that were slightly higher than the 2010 provincial average. 

We are proud that even with the considerable commitment we have asked of our participants, the overall response rates are about 75%.

Research areas that we have explored to date include topics related to preterm birth, social support, exposure to abuse, maternal anxiety and depression, breastfeeding, use of community resources (e.g. library), sleep, child care, and child social and emotional development. We are excited to continue to collect information to better understand how children are managing elementary school. Some topics of interest in these growing years are screen time, recreation, bullying, injury and family life.   

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Since enrolment, participants have completed 7 questionnaires. These questionnaires were distributed at 24 and 36 weeks gestation, 4 months after birth and 1, 2, 3 and 5 years after birth. 


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 Our research and success would not be possible without the dedication of our participants and we extend our most sincere appreciation to everyone who has participated! Thank you!