The All Our Families Study


The All Our Families (AOF, formerly, All Our Babies) study is a prospective pregnancy cohort led by principal investigator, Suzanne Tough, PhD, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada designed to enable investigation of the relationship between maternal and family well-being and outcomes for children. AOF participants have provided information about demographics, mental health, lifestyle, pregnancy, parenting, child development, family life and service use to identify early markers of later outcomes.

The prospective cohort study design is ideal for examining issues of relevance to public health and the temporal nature of data collection renders it advantageous for identifying early markers of risk when interventions may be most valuable and cost effective. Women were recruited from health care offices, communities, and through a provincial Laboratory Service before 25 weeks gestation from May 2008 to December 2010. Participants completed two questionnaires during pregnancy, a third at 4 months postpartum, and at 12, 24, 36 and 60 months. The 8-year follow up survey rolled out in early 2017. Response rates range from 67% to 94%. The data set includes both standardized scales and novel questions (n=3388).

Data from the AOF cohort has the unique opportunity to inform complex questions about the relationship between biology, early experiences, and developmental outcomes, and to contribute to a better understanding of the current circumstances of importance to families for stakeholders, policy and decision makers.

The AOF cohort, in general, is representative of the pregnant and parenting population in a Canadian urban setting. Follow up is planned through the school years with content areas related to sleep, activity, injury, recreation, child well-being, family life, time crunch, stress, social support and community supports.

For information about accessing AOF data, please see our access and authorship guidelines and secondary data use and research platform, SAGE.